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Workflows at Lobusch Consulting

In our general approach, we strive to shape the workflows to be as cost-efficient and quick-responding as possible. Therefore, minimizing the workflow duration and simplifying the processes are our highest priorities in work structuring. For instance, we have made the procedure of registering a business to an on-line option. Recurrent workflows such as bookkeeping and tax reporting is one of the most cost effective on the market.

This is how we manage our workflows:

1. Kick-off: Initial free consulting  -> Research of your situation background -> Identifying the potential -> Defining success;
2. Gathering a Team: Each individual assignment requires special task force. We hire profile experts on a project base;
3. Setting Processes: Researching and setting most efficient progress plan;
4. Follow the Procedure: Using the easiest and quickest process steps available to ensure the least of your involvement; 
5. Instant consulting: Every client's inquiry is responded same day.

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