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Legal Advisory for Ukraine

Dear Entrepreneurs!


You should always call your lawyer before taking any action in Ukraine. Our team of experienced legal experts is ready to help you on any legal problem arising. We ensure you never fail out of mere lack of awareness. Our company's experience is based on litigation, so we can tell we KNOW out of practice which the best solution to tackle a legal issue is.


We specialize in the following legal areas:
Corporate   ι  Administrative   ι  Labour   ι  Real Estate   ι  Dispute Resolution  ι  Intellectual Property   ι  Tax   ι  Banking and Finance


Have a legal issue in Ukraine?


Please LET US KNOW HOW TO CONTACT YOU and we will get back to you shortly to examine your legal case, offer you solutions and set fixed rates for our services.


We guarantee that all information submitted to us will not be disclosed under any circumstances.

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