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You will be entitled and obliged to obtain the temporary residence registration within 10 calendar days after you come to Ukraine under Employment VISA Type "D" based on your Work Permit. TRP gives you right to travel in and out of Ukraine without any restrictions for one year. After that extension application for TRP has to be filed.

Temporary Residence Permit (TRP), 5 business days
Step 1. Employment Visa Type D (time frame depends on the consulate).
Using the Work Permit you apply for the employment visa type D at any Ukrainian consulate.
Step 2. Getting your TRP (3 business days)
We will need you to arrive in Ukraine with the employment Visa D and come twice to the immigration office with your passport.
Step 3. Residence registration (three days)
Required docs: your TRP.

We will obtain your Temporary Residence Permit for 1250,- USD, 100% guarantee, residence registration is included

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