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Ukrainian Business Visa Assistance

This is where you can order your business visa for Ukraine. Should you need to stay in Ukraine for longer than half a year annually, the combination of Work Permit and Temporary Residence Permit is the proper solution.


Your country might not be lucky to be in a visa-free regime with Ukraine. In such cases you are going to need a Ukrainian visa. In many countries, like Nigeria or Pakistan, the Ukrainian Embassy would require an OFFICIAL INVITATION FROM A UKRAINIAN LEGAL ENTITY. To make such invitation the legal entity (the company) has to be registered with the Ministry of Interior and has to submit all documents like copies of passports, hotel reservations etc to the ministry for the approval.

We help our clients obtain visa D (business visit) for short term (90 days) for the price of 350,- US dollars and long-term (180 days) for the price of 550,- US dollars

We guarantee that all information submitted to us will not be disclosed under any circumstances.

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