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This is a step-by-step procedure of receiving

Business Immigration to Ukraine

At the end of it you become shareholder and director of your own company, holding a valid Ukrainian Work Permit and a Temporary Residence Permit. The permit allows non-restricted traveling in and out of Ukraine.

Step 1. Power of Attorney (2-3 days). Your Ukrainian lawyer drafts a power of attorney and emails it to you. You take it to your notary for signature, then you legalize it by apostle or consulate then send it o Kyiv, Ukraine. If you choose to come to Ukraine personally, you might need a short-term oder long-term business visa.
Step 2. Tax Code, 5 business days. An authorized attorney applies for your individual tax code, required to set up your companies and open personal bank accounts in Ukraine.
Step 3. Company Registration, 5 business days.
Step 4. Work Permit. Application starts immediately after the official registration of your company and lasts for 3 weeks.
Step 5. Employment Visa "D". At any Ukrianian Embassy in the world you use the Work Permit to apply for a one-time Employment Visa "D". It is valid for 45 days. The countdown starts on the date you arrive in Ukraine.
Step 6. Temporary Residence Permit. On the next day after you arrive in Ukraine, you become the director of your company. After that the application for your Ukrainian Residence Permit is held. Time frame is 14 days.

TOTAL COST FOR ALL 6 STEPS is 2850,- USD. Interested? Please leave your contacts!

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